This is a complete and original WWII German Army Enigma cipher machine in good working condition. The serial number 6,204 indicates that it was made during the middle years of the war. All three rotors, I, II, III are included and the additional two rotors, IV and V are also included. Each of the rotors has been rebuilt using as many original parts as possible. An exact replica of the wooden carrying case for the two additional rotors is available.

Although it is over 60 years old, this Enigma machine is in good working condition. To allow the buyer to use the Enigma immediately, a battery holder that accepts standard flashlight batteries is included. Also included are a reproduction of the original manual and a CD-ROM called “The Story of the Enigma: History, Technology, and Deciphering”.

All of the original records of the disposition of Enigma machines were lost in the bombings during the war. However, from it’s condition it is apparent that this machine was used by the German army in a relatively protected environment. At some point the installation must have been overrun because the Germans made an effort to destroy the machine before it was captured. Luckily, they did not have much time to do this so the only damage they were able to do was to kick in and break the plugboard on the very front of the machine and damage a few parts of the wooden case. This, of course, made the machine unusable however, we were able to replace the original plugboard with a reproduction and to repair the wooden case to allow the Enigma to function.